Our set design for the Still Life editorial titled 'Odyssey' in NUMÉRO 8TH ISSUE 'Genesis' is a masterful fusion of creativity, symbolism, and artistry. The set is a carefully curated arrangement of lifestyle objects, expressing contemporary aesthetics that traverse time and narratives.

Numero Netherlands

Product photography of black clog by Balenciaga on black and white background
Big silver necklace by tiffany on blue set design by Kristin Alksne for Numero Netherlands
Editorial shot of black Prada bag haning of a silver pipe with black background
Product photography of BOTTER and adidas footwear in black and yellow. The plastic sea
The Grey immersed in a transparent plastic bag hanging off a silver pole for Numero Netherlands
Abstract swatch photography of Gucci Beauty products on black background
Balenciaga shoes with chain on a black background.
Product photography of Prada Paradoxe Intense eau de perfum in pink