We worked with Gobi, Mongolia's leading cashmere brand, for over a year to define and develop their unique visual identity, create impactful campaigns, highlight their traditional heritage and focus on sustainability in targeted marketing activities.

Our strong sense of style and quality and our attention to detail have influenced every aspect of our consultancy – from online visual merchandising to editing and storytelling. Working closely together, we established Gobi as a trusted name and valued brand, increasing its reach and awareness in the European market.

Gobi Cashmere


We took Gobi's online visual merchandising and e-commerce presence to a new level by  strategically reordering the sequence of e-commerce images, establishing comprehensive guidelines for each product category, and defining specific crops and angles to best showcase the unique quality of the cashmere pieces. By adhering to these guidelines we ensured consistency and coherence throughout the site, and presented Gobi Cashmere's products in a visually harmonious manner. This allowed us to create an easily recognizable and enjoyable shopping experience for customers.

Styling Gobi’s website by rearranging segments and product display created a visually appealing and immersive environment when shopping online.

Medium-full shot of a woman wearing black Gobi Cashmere underwear facing the camera with a sideways glanceCommercial full shot of woman wearing black shorts, undershirt, sandals and bag under beige coatFull shot of a woman in profile with braids wearing black underwear and sandals white backgroundWoman sitting on the ground leaning on her arms wearing black shorts and a sleeveless shirt by Gobi CashmereDetail shot of black cashmere undershirt on a black woman with lip gloss onProduct shot of a black Gobi Cashmere undershirt with white background


By introducing different ethnicities and movements into the imagery, we transformed the Gobi web store into a place where customers can discover high quality fashion and identify with a broader, multicultural narrative. Understanding the importance of representation, we sought out talents that reflect the rich cultural diversity of our global society. Incorporating movement ensured that the versatility and craftsmanship of the clothing was presented in a captivating way.

Man wearing blue and white striped cardigan looking at the camera white backgroundWoman wearing a black cashmere coat and silver earrings facing sideways but looking into the cameraCommercial portrait of man in cream knit turtleneck looking into the lens white backgroundMan looking in the camera, sitting on the ground with one leg pulled towards him wearing brown pants and a black sweaterBlonde woman wearing beige sweater and pants looking at the camera, white background


Understanding that styling plays an important role in not only conveying a brand's message but also telling a story, we assembled a team of skilled and talented stylists who possess a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of fashion trends. Working within our network of expert stylists we were able to create modern but timeless looks that inspire customers on how to wear and combine these high quality products.

Short haired Asian woman wearing a green coat over a black turtle neck, pants, bag and boots


For the brand’s editorial campaigns, we collaborated with renowned photographers, models. stylists and creative professionals from concept to art direction to ensure the beauty and versatility of our client’s products resonated with their customers on a deeper level. The results  brought GOBI’s products to life in a visually stunning and emotionally compelling manner. Furthermore, our still life campaigns are a testament to the art of capturing the essence of GOBI’s cashmere products in a single frame. With meticulous attention to detail, lighting, and composition, we presented the products in a way that showcases their unique features, textures, and craftsmanship.

Blonde woman sitting on top of a snowy mountain wearing all-cream outfit and white ski glasses with blue sky
Man standing on snowy mountain wearing black beanie and ski dungarees over a cream knit sweater and scarf by Gobi CashmereCommercial product photography of beige scarf, beanie and gloves hanging off khaki ski on snow-covered mountainAll grey Gobi Cashmere outfit on blonde woman holding ski poles with blue sky in the background
WINTER ‘23 RESORT  Campaign
Abstract detail shot of knit products in beige, brown and creamProduct photography of two cashmere scarves in blue and grey draped over a wooden lounge chairDetail shot of a beige knit cardigan and the buttons saying Gobi CashmereProduct shot of three scarfs by in blue, grey, and checkered pattern atop a white boxThree knitted beanies in beige, cream and grey placed on top of one another on a white boxCommercial photography of three Gobi Cashmere basic sweaters on a white box


We understand the importance of effective communication and engagement when it comes to connecting with an audience. With this in mind, we worked closely with GOBI to revamp their weekly send out newsletter, ensuring it became a powerful tool for brand promotion and customer interaction. Not only did we redesign the whole look of the NL, we also provided art direction to ensure consistency across all visual elements. By implementing a cohesive design language, we ensured that GOBI's brand was consistently represented throughout all online channels.


To develop a captivating storytelling approach for GOBI’s Instagram platform, we delved deep into the Brand's history, exploring their roots, values, and craftsmanship. With the support of professional copywriters, we highlighted GOBI’s heritage and crafted engaging and authentic captions that invited their followers to join them on their journey. In addition to compelling storytelling, our art direction played a vital role in enhancing GOBI's visual presence on Instagram. By paying attention to color palettes and grid layouts, we ensured a consistent and visually appealing aesthetic.

Through our art direction and storytelling, we aimed to foster a sense of trust, authenticity, and loyalty among their followers. Our work resulted not only in GOBI becoming a love brand but also in a significant increase in engagement and followers, with users expressing their love for the brand and its commitment to sustainability.

Mockup screenshot of Gobi Cashmere Instagram feed with content by Chérie Agency